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Garcinia cambogia side effects liver damage has become a popular talk among garcinia cambogia consumers. Garcinia cambogia supplement is an effective weight-loss supplement. It has some powerful features that are believed to promote fast weight reduction. It suppresses appetite, inhibits the craving of carbohydrate (which is good for low-carb dieters), boosts energy by forcing the body to produce glycogen instead lf fats, improves immune system, and prevents gastric ulcer by enhancing mucosal defense. When the content of this plant, health articles, i.e. hydroxycitric acid, is widely used by many weight-loss products, studies show that it causes no side effects. However, as more and more people use it, there are some of them who report health problems that they experience after using those products. One of the most serious problems being reported is liver toxicity and damage. This article will try to elaborate whether garcinia cambogia can cause adverse effect to liver.

The Origins of Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects Liver Damage

Statements claiming garcinia cambogia’s potency to cause liver damage come from both anecdotal and scientific reports. Some consumers believe that after consuming weight-loss supplements containing garcinia cambogia, there is something wrong with their liver. This problem gets worse as they continue their consumption of those supplements, making them fully convinced about garcinia cambogia side effects liver damage.

 Garcinia Cambogia and liver

Some scientific reports also claim that garcinia cambogia can cause liver damage. Kim et al stated in World Journal of Gastroenterology that garcinia cambogia extract indeed attenuated diet-induced adiposity and prevented obesity that was caused by high-fat diet; however, at the same time, it also induced hepatic fibrosis and inflammation and exacerbated hepatic collagen accumulation. This research shows how there is a potentiality of garcinia cambogia side effects liver damage that garcinia consumers may suffer from if they continue consuming this supplement.

Most anecdotal reports claiming the danger of garcinia cambogia for the liver come from consumers who consume Hydroxycut, a weight-loss supplement product which is currently under FDA’s scrutiny. It is important to know that this product also contains Gymnema sylvestre extract and chromium polynicotinate. Therefore, garcinia cambogia should not be accused as the sole culprit of the liver problem that occurs after consuming this supplement. Besides that, reports are rarely heard from consumers who consume other garcinia cambogia products. Therefore, as long as garcinia cambogia is consumed properly according to the recommended dosage, liver problem and other side effects, which are not yet confirmed as well, are less likely to occur.

Scientific studies confirming the danger of garcinia cambogia to the liver use mice as the subjects of the study, instead of human. Besides that, there are other studies that refute garcinia cambogia’s danger to liver. One of such studies is one carried out by Clouatre & Preuss as well as that of Marquez and his partners. Those studies thus confirm that garcinia cambogia is safe to consume as long as it is consumed properly and its consumers should not worry very much about garcinia cambogia side effects liver damage.


So, do you think garcinia cambogia really dangerous for our liver?